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About Satya Center

South Beach Boca Raton by Jane Sherry

Satya Center is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina and has been in business since 2003. We've received more than a million unique visitors during that time. Satya Center offers a wealth of FREE information about spirituality, alternative health and healing and global news, and an online store specializing in crystals, gems and jewelry. 

Satya Center is a creation of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry.  Curtis and Jane are Reiki Masters, Past Life Regression Therapists, Tarot readers and Interfaith Ministers who have served thousands of clients worldwide. Jane has been a fine artist for decades, with many shows in New York, Houston and elsewhere, and her artwork resides in prominent collections around the world. Curtis has been a journalist for decades, working as an investigative reporter, Editor and Publisher in New York, Houston and elsewhere.

To find out more about Jane, read her Biography, Artist's Statement and Resume, or just browse her blog.

To find out more about Curtis, read his Biography and Resume or just browse his blog.