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August 2017 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse, Leo Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

Welcome to the Satya Center August 2017 Cosmic Weather Forecast. Warm greetings from your co-editors, Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry.

Good news for Lightworkers, meditators, Reiki practitioners and crystal healers! We have lowered the prices on all our Vogel wands to levels we have never offered before. These new lower prices will be effective from now on, a permanent sale. There will not be any additional sale discounts. What you see is what you get. And of course you'll get free shipping in the continental US. 

Cosmic weather patterns indicate a stormy month, suffused with the fogs of astral glamours, and prone to the eruption of severe individual and collective conflicts, during a time of intense retrograde planetary movements, signaling potential difficulty in pursuing our goals and in dealing with conflicts that may arise. However if we can harmonize Higher Mind with our egotistical rational consciousness, we will find that inspiration, creativity, and spiritual practices are dramatically enhanced.

Here in South Florida, the weather is steamy, with tropical downpours nearly every day, and it is the beginning of another Florida planting season. Jane and I are focused on preparing the soil, clearing away old growth from the garden, and installing new plant allies in the front and back yards. For more of Jane's Garden Report, scroll down. 

The Full Moon Eclipse, at 15° Aquarius, occurs on Monday, August 7 at 2:11 pm Eastern time, or 11:11 am Pacific time, as the Sun reaches 15° Leo and we celebrate the Leo Solar Festival. 

Predictive astrologers consider 15° Aquarius unfortunate, but the Sabian Symbol for 15° Aquarius is Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence and Singing Happily, which indicates a happy marriage of the ego personality and the Higher Self. So regardless of events in the outer world this Full Moon, the energy reflected in the stars provides a supportive foundation for all spiritual practices.

Predictive astrologers are much more emphatic about planets at 15° Leo, considered as one of the worst degrees in the entire Zodiac. Astrologers say that this degree often can be found in charts of serial killers, felons serving life sentences, and those with congenital or hard luck defects. Blind and deaf Helen Keller had chart co-ruler Mars at 15° Leo, blind Stevie Wonder has Pluto at 15° Leo, and Beethoven, who became deaf late in life, had Saturn at 15° Leo. Clearly these three individuals were able to overcome the infirmities indicated by this malefic aspect, and achieve lasting success in expressing themselves despite their handicaps, so this aspect is not determinative, but rather an indication of daunting obstacles and personal tragedies that must be transcended for a positive expression of the fire energy to manifest.

The Sabian Symbol for 15° Leo is A Pageant, with its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along a Street, Crowded with Cheering People. Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder and Beethoven are all examples of creative individuals who experienced both the depths of pain and despair this degree of Leo suggests, and the heights of popular acclaim that can be achieved when we overcome the pain of our deepest wounds and transform life's tragedies into creative expression.

This month, we all could learn some deep, difficult lessons from these three creative geniuses. So if life presents you with pain, difficulty, tragedy and fear, don't despair! Seek guidance and support from Guides, Teachers and Higher Mind, and allow your creativity to bloom like summer flowers after an afternoon thundershower.

This Full Moon, Sun and Mars are conjunct in fiery Leo, creating an extremely impulsive emotional atmosphere, and we may feel an enhanced sense of urgency in all our affairs. Uranus, Mars and Saturn form a Grand Trine in Fire, which will persist until September 4th. Expect inspiration to flow, passions to run high, creativity to peak, and surprise explosive emotional outbursts to occur at random intervals. Unfortunately, all this fire energy will be challenged by an array of difficult aspects that may lead to tremendous frustration.

Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will all be retrograde from August 12th through August 25th, when Saturn turns direct. This is a great month to practice patience, self-restraint and discernment. Unfortunately, for many people, these virtues will be in short supply. If you can, consider using this month as a time to retreat to some extent from your daily routines, reconsider your path in life, re-evaluate your options, and restore your frayed nerves, which have been and will be challenged by the dramatic events unfolding on the world stage and in our personal lives.

A total solar eclipse at 28°53' Leo occurs during this period of extreme retrogradation, on Monday, August 21, and travels across the United States, impacting American leaders, American politics, and America's sense of self.

There is a waning Saturn-Neptune square this month as well, which surrounds all these potent cosmic events in a fog of misinformation, astral glamour and uncertainty.

August 2017 is the culmination of a period in which illusions, astral glamour, self-doubt and misinformation, all governed by Neptune, challenge the Saturnian structures of our belief systems and perceptions of reality.

"The precise timing of the last-quarter transition in the current Saturn-Neptune cycle, where Saturn has been 90° behind Neptune, occurred in a three-pass transit from November 2015 through September of 2016. Using a 10° orb, however, the effective period of the transit extends another year on either side, from November 2014 through September 2017," explains astrologer Bill Herbst.

 "In other words, we’ve been living through a three-year period where illusions challenged and in many ways dominated realities. Fact and fiction have intertwined in a very seductive way, and we’ve seen an unprecedented explosion of 'fake news', where lies are presented as truths. In addition, the number of people who are confused in their thinking has been much greater than normal. In general during this period, people have been much more susceptible to any propaganda narrative that reinforces or supports their own beliefs. Those beliefs may be reality-based or pure imagination, but the reasons offered in the political narratives to support them are often bogus, and sometimes downright looneytunes. Millions of people believe those lies, however, because Neptune is undermining, evaporating, and dissolving the solid foundations of Saturnian reality."

These aspects challenge us to investigate our own beliefs and perceptions to determine if we are staying true to ourselves and our Higher Purpose, or if we are being unduly influenced by emotions run amok, rumours, propaganda, wishful thinking and ideologies that obscure a clear view of reality and undermine our faith in our own perceptions.

Above all, while such aspects persist, we must scrutinize our emotional reactions to people, places and events to determine if we are responding in accord with our Higher Mind, or if we are being misled by selfish desires and wishful thinking. Our own emotions, which arise in the astral plane, can create a self-conceived mind-fog of emotional glamours.

So during times like the last few years, when clarity is hard to come by and a fog of illusion covers the landscape around us, it is vitally important to rise above the astral realm through meditation and other spiritual practices. At such times, it is only by ascending to the causal realms of clear vision informed by the Higher Mind that we can separate fact from fiction and reality from fantasy. 

In short, when dealing with news reports, Presidential tweets, channeled messages, and even our own emotions, we must practice discernment. Western psychotherapy and wisdom teachings of both East and West are in agreement that most of life's problems result from emotional reactions to challenges in our lives. You can see a snake under the bed, your can get gooseflesh, and you can feel fear, but you have the ability to transcend the fear and act in a way that will minimize the danger to yourself and others.

Once we have centered ourselves in Higher Mind, we are in a position to survey our own emotional state, which creates individual astral glamours in the form of ego-driven desires and critical judgements of others based upon our own emotional predilections.

"Here is a key principle of wisdom," according to Zachary Lansdowne, in his article The Beasts of Revelation: Glamour and Maya. "Illusion operates throughout the personality, pervading the mental body as false beliefs, the emotional body as glamour, and the vital body as maya. Understanding this principle implies deeply distrusting all reactions of the personality to life and circumstance, because illusion cannot even be recognized as illusion without the illumination of the soul."


The Leo Solar Eclipse 


Astrologers have been issuing warnings for months about the impact of the total solar eclipse at 28°53' Leo occuring Monday, August 21, darkening skies from Portland to Atlanta. The last time the US experienced a total solar eclipse was in February 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran, setting the stage for the Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis which derailed the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

President Donald Trump has his Ascendant at 29.58 Leo, and he became president as his progressed Sun hit this point, which is basically conjunct the August 2017 total Solar Eclipse.

Predictive astrologers also note the eclipse is conjunct fixed star Regulus, associated with royalty, and contend that this eclipse could signal the downfall of a major world leader, in this case, quite likely Donald Trump.

That possibility is amplified by the following aspects. The August Eclipse Venus at 24.44° Cancer conjoins Trump's Venus at 25.44 Cancer. The Eclipse Mars at 20.41° Leo conjoins his Mars 26.46° Leo. And the Eclipse Jupiter at 20.11° Libra conjoins Trump's Jupiter at 17.27° Libra.

Saturn at 21.11° Sagittarius is exactly on Trump's Moon at 21.12° Sagittarius. Setbacks, hardships and restrictions are indicated in the emotional life of individuals with Saturn conjunct Moon. Problems involving family members are indicated.

There is a strong possibility that the August eclipse will mark the prelude to a major crisis for Trump and for the United States. 

This total solar eclipse in Leo occurs during a Sun-Mars conjunction. The last time Sun and Mars appeared together in Leo was July of 1938, slightly more than a year before the onset of World War II. In the United States, 1938 was the year the Great Depression returned, with a 19% unemployment rate. In September 1938, a giant hurricane hit the East Coast of the US. Forty foot waves hit Long Island. Sixty three thousand people were left homeless and some 700 dead. That same yearGermany escalated its persecution of the Jews and Britain agreed to accept Germany's occupation of Czechoslovakia.
A prior Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo occurred in 1859-60, a year or so before the start of America's Civil War.

Peace in today's world is tenuous, and potential wars could break out in many places. China and Japan are facing off in the Himalayas, the Mideast wars continue, and the standoff with North Korea threatens to turn ugly. All over the world, people yearn for peace and prepare for war. Let us prepare for peace by doing the difficult work of therapy and spiritual practice necessary to achieve peace in our own hearts!

Jane and I plan to perform spiritual practices designed to improve chances for peace in the world during this Full Moon week, and we ask that you all join us in this effort.

Jane and I affirm that you will all receive the grace and guidance you need to attain your spiritual and material goals.

Jane's South Florida Garden Report

We seem to be succeeding in getting our yard to look like a cross between an English cottage garden and a jungle with “Frieda Kahlo savage plants” here and there. We just planted a border of flowers in the front with many varieties of spectacular gingers, bromeliads and other alien varieties of flowers & greenery which are all new to us. My goal here is not only to grow food, but to surround ourselves with beauty. There is healing energy in the natural world and surrounding oneself with living beauty is one of the best ways I know to connect with the healing energy of the natural world around us.

The year is flying by and we need to combat incredible numbers of plant diseases and pests in our new gardens!! I’ve sacrificed or treated many pests in our vegetable gardens over the years to cut worms, aphids & white fly, squash borers. The latter I learned to surgically remove with great success on the surgery but alas the patients usually died. 

Here my nemesis is root nematodes. I’ve never had them before, even in Houston, but apparently this is typical for subtropical hot humid climates. So although we can grow food year round here, unless we address these almost microscopic critters, there will be no good vegetable gardening here for us!!

So next week, we apply an organic ‘cide along with some nutrients we feel are missing from our raised beds and ground soils. Then I’ll be planting varieties that the Florida Agricultural Extension Service recommends as being non-host plants for these pests. As usual, the main message to me in having a garden is patience!! And going with the flow. Thankfully, our family is not dependent on my gardening skills. 

In our article on Lammas posted on the homepage I write: "Wherever Curtis and I live, I am always amazed by what magicians farmers are, bringing forth such abundance from our beautiful planet. And every garden we've ever created imbues me with a sense of wonder, that I too, in partnership with the earth can be a magician!”

This year I’m hoping to expand on what I grow, we were so lucky to eat beans, greens & salad, carrots and plentiful herbs so far in our new less than one year old garden! I’ll be focusing on planting varieties of marigold, especially where root nematodes had appeared. Most marigolds have been found to be effective at deterring Southern root-knot nematodes, so we have our fingers crossed! We'll also plant an abundance of asian greens which do better here than cruciferous veggies I’m used to, along with a ton of other greens, leaf lettuces, tomatoes, pineapple, ginger, turmeric, galangal and more! The last three are thriving quite well at this time and I look forward to harvesting those rhizomes in a few months! Our little cardamom and cinnamon seedlings have flourished and grown to six times the size they were when planted just a year ago. Our Abraham Darby roses have been lifted up and are producing luscious scented blooms for our altar each week and the basils are unstoppable!! 

The herbs I’m accustomed to growing are not so happy here: thyme, lemon thyme, hyssop, angelica, lemon balm, anise hyssop. I have been unable so far to find the right spot in the garden, but I’m not giving up! The lemon grass is huge and resembles a waterfall of leaves, the rose geraniums had to be whacked back to the ground since they took over an entire section of the yard. Curtis couldn’t believe how much I cut it back to the woody stems, but lo and behold, there are new leaves three days later growing back.

The difference growing a garden here and what I’m accustomed to in upstate NY is that here, if you have a failed crop or a plant which is suffering, you can whack it to the ground and in all likelihood it will grow back with no problems!! And the beauty of this is that I only have to wait a few months to know if it’s coming back, not one year or half a year or a several seasons.

Satya Center August Sale

We have sold Vogel healing wands here at Satya Center for many years. These wands, originally designed by American crystal designer and healer Marcel Vogel, are very expensive and prized by meditators and energy healers around the world. 

In order to allow more of these remarkable crystal allies to travel to those who would make the best and highest use of them, Jane and I have made a decision to change the price structure for these unique highly faceted crystals.

We have dramatically lowered the prices of ALL Vogel wands, offering new, everyday lower prices, based on a steeper discount than we have ever offered during any sale in the past. These new prices reflect the best possible deal we can offer on these remarkable healing instruments, so we cannot offer additional discounts or sale prices on them.

Check out the new low prices on our selection of Vogel Wands in the Vogel section of the Crystal Store. 

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We'll be posting new treasures from Lawrence Stoller, and a variety of other new crystal allies during August so check in from time to time to see the latest items.

Rose Quartz Flower of Life Pendant

The 12 pointed star is associated with Christ Consciousness and the restoration of Divine Order. It is an evolutionary tool for those who wish to reclaim the purity and grace of their soul, as it was originally created. The Flower of Life places one within the center of abundant nurturing energy of the Universe.

In the words of Drunvalo Melchizedek, a modern metaphysical Master of sacred geometry, "The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids."


Emerald in Clear Quartz Amphora Pendant
This lovingly hand-crafted gemstone pendant, created by our friend, geologist and jewelry designer Brian Cook, was formed from a water-clear Brazilian quartz crystal which was drilled and filled with gorgeous green emerald gemstone chips suspended in jojoba oil, then capped with natural quartz. 


Moldavite AAA Museum Grade Besednice Fan Specimen

This Besednice Moldavite material is no longer available in the marketplace. We purchased this lot many years back so that is the only reason we still have some available to you!

This Moldavite AAA Museum Grade Besednice Fan Specimen is a 30.5 carat museum grade AAA specimen of natural Besednice moldavite from the Czech Republic, which we obtained from the collection of Robert Simmons of Heaven & Earth and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity from Robert himself. It resembles a heart depending on how you view it and has a rich deep color green!

Tanzine Aura Magician Stone
Tanzine Aura Quartz exhibits coloration similar to the extremely rare and expensive gemstone Tanzanite, and has similar energetic properties. Tanzine Aura Quartz energizes the throat, third eye and crown chakras, increasing our access to inner spiritual guidance, providing support for deep meditation practices, stilling the mind, and enhancing our ability to speak our own truth based upon our own direct experience of subtle energies in the world around us. Tanzine Aura Quartz resonates with the energy signature of the Violet Flame of St. Germain, and is an exceptional stone for purification and ascension practices of all kinds.

Citrine 7-Petal Flower of Isis Pendant
This unique 1.4" diameter 80 carat Citrine 7-Petal Flower of Isis pendant was created for Satya Center by Lawrence Stoller, critically-acclaimed artist and crystal cutter who is known world-wide as a fabricator of magnificent works of art created in partnership with Nature & Light. This piece was designed as a beautiful variation of the well-known 7 pointed Star, a symbol sacred to Isis and to other versions of the Great Mother in her aspect as both transcendent and immanent Creatrix of the Universe.

Amethyst Mini Radiant Heart with Danburite

The combination of amethyst and danburite helps to redirect the flow of prana upwards towards the crown chakra while activating the heart chakra, and creating a safe energetic space for the exercise of compassion and unconditional love. This combination of stones energizes the upper chakras, and resonates with the energy signature of the Violet Flame of St. Germain.

Moldavite Star of David Pendant

This beautiful Moldavite Star of David crystal pendant, cut according to the specifications of crystal designer and healer Marcel Vogel, is of exceptional quality, both in the cut of the stone and in the simple silver band setting which allows the stone to breath and function at its highest vibration. It comes with an 18" sterling silver chain which sits upon the thymus bringing maximum benefit of the stone to the wearer. In the picture below you can see the bubbles that formed within the stone when this amazing piece of moldavite was formed by a major meteorite impact many, many millennia in the past. There are no surface inclusions whatsoever.

Gemmy Slim Aquamarine Rod

This 40 carat Gemmy Aquamarine Slim Rod from Gillgit, Pakistan is just the right size to place in your hand during meditation and to carry in your medicine bag. It is a lovely pale clear aquamarine blue, with good color & clarity & very few inclusions. It has an incredibly beautiful termination point.

Meditation Moment: Prayer for Peace

" For many believers, prayer is a matter of expressing their grievances to God. However, they should instead realize that the Creator has given them all the means, both physical and spiritual, to look after their needs and even those of others, and prayer should simply serve to help them rise within themselves to discover those means.

One might say that God already did his part for us long ago. It is not for him to give humans what they lack, but for humans to search for it.

What is the point of people praying to ask him for health or the affection of others if they continue to live in a way that makes them ill or disagreeable?

And what good is it to pray for peace if, wherever they go, they continue to carry a veritable battlefield within them?

Prayer is, undoubtedly, an expression of faith, but faith must be understood as the force that incites human beings to surpass themselves, to transcend themselves. There are two kinds of faith: one is inspired by effort and activity, and the other is inspired by laziness, and this faith, which should rather be called naivety, is useless, and even harmful." -- Omraam Mikhail Aivhanov