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June 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast: Solstice Joy, Pentecost Spirit, and a July Cross to Come

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 14, 2011

The Ascension Virtue of Right Human Relations

Welcome to the Tuesday June 14, 2011 edition of the Satya Center newsletter and Cosmic Weather Forecast. This week we celebrate the Gemini Solar Festival of Goodwill and the Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse, the Festival of Pentecost and the Summer Solstice.

Warm greetings from your Editor, Curtis Lang and your co-editor, Jane Sherry.

Wednesday June 15, the Full Moon occurs at 25° Sagittarius at 1:14 PM PDT, or 4:14 PM EDT. The Gemini Solar Festival of Goodwill and World Invocation Day occurs Wednesday at 1:14 pm (Pacific time) at 25 degrees Gemini.

The Festival of Goodwill 

We celebrate the Festival of Goodwill, also known as the Festival of Humanity, a time of spiritual sharing when Lightworkers everywhere connect with their Guides and Teachers and help to distribute the energies they received during last month's Wesak May Festival.

Most importantly, during this June Festival the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Cosmic Christ engulf the entire planet with a powerful high-frequency energetic charge known as The Will to Good, which is distributed through powerspots around the world to all willing recipients.

This energy acts as a powerful stimulant, strengthening the will forces in struggling humanity, and acts as a beneficent power surge, impelling disciples on all paths to internalize the energy of Goodwill, to act with Goodwill toward all, and to strive to establish right human relations in all their activities.

The energy released on the Full Moon Festival of Humanity circulates throughout the etheric body of planet Earth for three full nights and days.

For more complete information about the Esoteric significance of the Festival of Goodwill, see Esoteric Astrologer Malvin Artley's new article entitled The Gemini Sun Festival of Goodwill and the Full Moon in Sagittarius 2011.

"The Gemini interval serves to distribute the Light of Taurus for ‘human consumption'," Malvin explains. "We find the means of application of the great willful force that comes through with the Taurus full moon through the skilful application of Gemini (hopefully). We have a guiding light in Taurus – a great impulse forward – and we find the means of its application in Gemini."

Malvin addresses the current climate of fear concerning the global economy and points out that the global depression is a fantastic learning experience for humanity, teaching us all about the importance of sharing the wealth on the planet, rather than competing in a war of all against all for survival of the most predatory and aggressive.

"In the past few years especially there has been a lot of emphasis with the Taurus full moon on world instability and what it is all meant to show us," Malvin continues. "If we follow the threads of causes for our present scenario, much of it can be traced back to economic difficulties for the people of the world."

"If we look for the solution to those ills, then we must go to Gemini to find the distribution point for the Taurean impulse that comes with the Wesak moon."

"There are several concepts that are associated with Gemini, but the one in particular that seems to stand out most at this juncture is the ‘principle of sharing’, for Gemini is the first sign on the zodiac where that concept really begins to come into play, and it is a sign and a concept as well that is vitally important to humanity at this stage of human history."

All those who wish to participate in this Festival of Goodwill would do well to set aside some time during the evening of the Full Moon and for the next two nights for deep meditation.

To enhance your receptivity to these beneficent energies try these activities on the three nights of the Festival beginning with the Full Moon:

1. During the time prior to the full Moon, accelerate your spiritual practice as much as possible. Attempt to remain somewhat more quiet than normal. Listen to some uplifting spiritual music, chants or mantras. Or simply make some silent time.

2. In the room where you meditate, place a crystal bowl full of Wesak water on the altar or nearby you – if you gathered it last month. Light a candle and some incense if you have these available. Play some appropriate uplifting music. Meditate during the evening hours whenever you have the time to do so. Ask for the grace and guidance you need to achieve your loftiest spiritual goals. Ask that you be ever more consciously connected to inner spiritual guidance. Ask that you be given golden opportunities to be of maximum service in the world.

Tune in to inner guidance and be alert for messages concerning the nature of your Higher Purpose and how it can best manifest during the upcoming year.

3. Recite the Great Invocation:


From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!

If you go to bed before the actual Full Moon moment, say the Great Invocation before retiring. Give thanks. During the three days of the Festival open your heart to those in need. Remember Christ’s teaching that any act of healing or kindness performed on behalf of any of your brothers and sisters is being performed for Christ himself. Recognize the Christ within all your neighbors, your family, your loved ones, your coworkers, and strangers you meet in the course of your day. Perform random acts of kindness.

The Festival of Pentecost

Sunday, June 12, we celebrated the Festival of Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, the enlightenment of those disciples, and the awakening of those disciples to their Higher Purpose, the beginning of their planetary ministry.

When the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles at Pentecost, they entered a higher state of consciousness, and traveled near and far, spreading their Teacher’s message of love fearlessly throughout the world. The Apostles healed many by prayer and the laying on of hands. The miraculous events of Pentecost bear a startling resemblance to the signs of enlightenment discussed for thousands of years in the ancient Hindu tradition of yoga.

For a full discussion of the parallels between Pentecost and the Kundalini awakening of the yogic tradition, see my new article entitled Pentecost Sunday: Speaking in Tongues, Kundalini Awakening and Christ Consciousness. In this article I posit that the Source of that Sacred Fire known as the Holy Spirit or Mother Kundalini can be found in the Zero Point Field which extends throughout the Universe, and I trace parallels to the Pentecost initiation back through history for hundreds of thousands of years in a variety of spiritual and religious traditions.

Today more than ever we need to recover the loving wisdom of Christ's disciples, who began to preach the Word to people of all nations, all religions, and all languages beginning on that sacred Pentecost Sunday. For the Word is One, the Divine is One, although many are the Masks of God and Goddess.

Although there is much that separates the races, religions and nations in 2011, there is much that unites us at a profound spiritual and psychological level, and it is part of our task as Lightworkers to focus unceasingly on these unifying human characteristics so that we may recognize all human beings as our brothers and sisters, and act with the compassion, generosity and Spirit of sharing that is appropriate during this time of global economic and environmental upheaval.

We have been feeling stressed out the last few months by the planetary parade of extreme weather events and the increasing incidence of indicators pointing toward another installment of the slow-motion global financial collapse that began a few years ago. 

Financial meltdown has triggered a sharp increase in divisions between social and economic classes, with the wealthiest investors and corporations being further enriched while the middle classes are squeezed into debt penury and the least affluent increasingly finding themselves without food or water.

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world, and the WorldHunger Organization estimates there are 925 million hungry people in 2011. That's about 1 in 7 people in the world.

Global food prices could double in the next 20 years due to a population increase, oil price hikes and climate change, according to a new report by Oxfam, an international charity that addresses poverty issues.

The world's poorest people spend up to 80 percent of their income on food and will be most affected. According to Reuters, Oxfam Chief Executive Barbara Stocking says the number of people going hungry is going to increase with all of these problems.

“Food riots have pushed global hunger onto the political agenda but the aid business will not be able to tackle global hunger while it remains stuck in the past, seeing food crises as one-off events and not tackling the underlining problem – chronic poverty. The world has become much better at sending in teams to save lives but it seems incapable of doing what is needed to prevent crises happening in the first place,” said Barbara Stocking, Oxfam GreatBritain’s Chief Executive.

Here is the Oxfam press release, with some radical measures needed to rescue and “bail out” the poor who are the vast majority of humanity.

And here are a dozen links to organizations helping to share surplus food and money with those in greatest need among us.

  1. ONE
  2. CARE :: Defending Dignity, Fighting Poverty
  3. IFPRI – The International Food Policy Research Institute
  4. Network for Good
  5. ReliefWeb
  6. Global Hunger Alliance
  7. Bread for the World
  8. The Hunger Project: Empowering Women and Men to End Their Own Hunger
  9. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  10. Oxfam International
  11. Feeding America
  12. Find Your Local Food Bank

What better way to celebrate Pentecost and the Festival of Goodwill than by volunteering with or donating to organizations that help feed the hungry? There is no shortage of hungry people nearby, no matter where you live.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius         

This week we have a Total Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius, at the time of the Gemini Solar Festival of Goodwill.

As we shall see, the clear message of this month's Festival of Goodwill is that there's a global energy shortage, so it's time to stop wasting energy.

In addition, humanity must learn to share! We are all in this together. As the Fukushima nuclear disaster has so recently demonstrated, we are all neighbors now. The same radiation originating in Japan is found in soil, air and vegetation throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  

The onset of global warming, the peaking of the global supply of inexpensive hydrocarbon energy sources, and the ongoing slow implosion of the Utopian free market economic policies initiated 40 years ago by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are combining to create the perfect planetary storm system.

If the global financial system is to survive, the wealthy among us are going to have to learn to share.

If the global political system is to avoid a catastrophic World Resource War, then we are going to have to learn to share.

If human civilization expects to survive global warming, we are going to have to learn to modify our patterns of consumption for the greater good. We are going to have to learn to share.

An important message from the Universe came to me a couple of weeks ago during meditation, and it concerned the issue of waste, the need for energy conservation, and the spiritual Laws of Nature that govern human reincarnation.

My guidance was to include the message in this month's Full Moon newsletter, because the energy of this Full Moon harmonizes with the essence of the instruction.

Here is the gist of the message in a very simplified form.

"One of the major sources of karma on planet Earth involves wasting energy. As you already know, there are three main areas of life in which those being schooled on planet Earth need remedial instruction, three main areas in which virtually all souls who incarnate on this planet must learn to achieve a much greater degree of responsibility and balance than they have demonstrated in past incarnations.

"These three areas are power, sex and money. Power, sex and money are all expressions of human life force energy as it manifests in group situations. In past incarnations, human beings have abused power, misused the sacred sexual energy, and greedily amassed fortunes while the masses suffer and even starve.

"Ponder the myriad ways in which human beings waste their own power. The powerful among us, our leaders, appear more concerned with their own personal well-being than with the well-being of the communities they have been empowered to oversee, for the greater good of all concerned.

"Those human beings with an innate, powerful sexual magnetism have wasted their Universal Life Force energy in the pursuit of sexual pleasures when it could have been sublimated to some degree, raised to the higher chakras, and used as the key to unlock the door to Higher Worlds.

"Nor for the most part have those endowed with a superfluity of sexual energies channeled those energies into creative expression or spiritual partnership. Thus much of humanity's sexual energy, which could be used to help accelerate humanity's spiritual growth, is wasted on the pursuit of sensation.

"The wealthy among us live in a world of unrelenting and continuous warfare, the war of all against all. In that world of ruthless Darwinian competition, all commerce, all finance, all politics, all human interaction, is defined by its monetary value, and all human interactions become monetary transactions.

"In each transaction there is a winner and a loser. The focus of life becomes winning and the avoidance of loss.

"The end result is that the wealthy use their wealth to consolidate their power over the society as a whole so as to maximize their own ability to increase their wealth, at the expense of everyone else in society.

"This creates war among nations, war among corporations, and war between economic classes. War is in many ways the quintessential waste of energy.

"You can see the human tendency to waste energy in every aspect of the lifestyle of the most 'advanced' human societies today."

"Ponder the waste you see around you during the year 2011. Like the vast majority of souls currently incarnating on Earth, one of your Soul tasks in this lifetime is to see and feel the results of a mass dramatization of energy waste."

Once I got the message, I did some research online.

A website called The9Billion.com has a valuable article on the human tendency to waste food in a world where 1 of every 7 people is hungry, every day.

"About one third of food produced worldwide every year goes to waste or gets lost, according to a U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation study," says John Johnston, reporter for The9Billion.com in his new article about hunger. "That amounts to a massive 1.3 billion tons or food."

"The study found that every year, people in wealthy, industrialized countries waste almost as much food as the whole net food production of sub-Saharan Africa," Johnston explains. "However, overall food loss was about the same in industrialized and developing countries."

"Fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers were found to have the highest wastage rates, and the amount of food wasted each year was found to be equivalent to half the world’s annual cereals crop."

"The study distinguishes between food waste and food loss, which occurs at the production, harvest, post-harvest and processing phases. Food loss is most prevalent in developing countries because of the lack of infrastructure, low technology and low levels of investment. In industrialized countries more than 40 percent of losses occur at the retail and post-purchase levels."

"In industrialized countries, food waste is mostly caused by retailers and food buyers throwing away edible food. Per capita food waste was found to be between 95 (209 pounds) and 115 kilograms (253 pounds) a year in Europe and North America, while people in sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia throw away 6 to 11 kilograms  (13.2 to 24.2 pounds) of edible food per year."

We in the United States are the world's most profligate wasters as a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute makes quite clear. McKinsey and Co. is one of the largest and most prestigious global business consulting firms in the world, and their analysts are considered to be the "shock troops" of neo-liberal globalization, so they are not exactly tree-hugging environmentalists with an anti-business bias, but they believe America could easily become much more energy efficient, and that this would be a tremendous benefit to both the US economy and the environment.

"The United States is the single biggest energy consumer in the world, even before accounting for the energy used in producing U.S. imports," McKinsey reports.

"One of the main reasons behind high U.S. energy consumption is that the country has the lowest energy productivity—or the level of output that the United States achieves from the energy it consumes—of any developed economy. Each person in the United States today consumes the equivalent of almost seven gallons of oil—80 percent more energy than Northwestern Europe, 94 percent more than Japan, and seven times the level of China. As a result, the United States is also the most CO2-intensive country, producing 19 tons of CO2 per capita annually—more than twice the level of Northwestern Europe and Japan."

"Almost two-thirds of U.S. energy usage today comes from consumer-driven industries, dominated mainly by road transportation and residential energy consumption. Within industrial energy demand, which accounts for 35 percent of total U.S. energy demand, chemicals is the largest sector, with 9 percent of total industrial energy usage. The rest is fragmented across diverse sectors such as steel, apparel, and food processing."

"If there is no change to current policies, U.S. energy demand will accelerate slightly from its long-term growth rate to some 1.1 percent a year. Yet MGI research finds that a concerted effort to boost U.S. energy productivity—or the level of output that the United States achieves from the energy it consumes—would have spectacular results. By capturing the potential available from existing technologies with an internal rate of return of 10 percent or more, the United States has the potential to cap its energy demand, as well as its greenhouse gas emissions, at today's levels. What's more, an intensive focus on improving energy productivity would spur new markets for demand-side innovation and thus represents an important business opportunity for manufacturers, utilities, and other companies."

Just imagine what America could accomplish if we focused our national will and treasure on energy efficiency and the creation of new green technologies to insure a bright future for our children and grand-children!

We could bring home our troops, reduce our military budget by hundreds of billions of dollars a year, eliminate budget deficits, jump start new green industries, put America back to work, and reduce the risk of runaway global warming simultaneously.

By focusing on the elimination of waste, we could reignite the global economy and build a bridge to the New Age of Solar and Renewable Power Sources.

Just imagine! All it would take is a little belt-tightening and we could all benefit immensely.

Interestingly enough, this is one of the most important themes of the Cosmic Weather Forecast for this month, beginning with the Total Full Moon Eclipse this Wednesday, according to Esoteric Astrologer Malvin Artley, who apparently was getting some similar guidance as he wrote this month's article on "The Gemini Sun Festival of Goodwill and the Full Moon in Sagittarius 2011."

The theme is "TRIM THE FAT".

"This full moon eclipse will serve to add intensity and fresh starts to whatever factors are present and come through with the Goodwill Festival at its subsequent activations," says Malvin. "The two Sabian symbols associated with this festival – the solar and lunar degrees – are as follows:"

A gardener trimming large palm trees. 25 Gemini (Sun)

A chubby boy on a hobby horse. 25 Sagittarius (Moon)

"Both of these symbols hold a pointed significance and reference to the world situation at the moment. The biggest question on everyone’s mind at a worldly level is, 'What is going to happen with the economy? Will there be another big crash?' The doomsayers would say yes, but the thing I have found in recent times is that we cannot second-guess such things. Great leaders and ideas can and do appear in times like these. Given the present state of affairs one would think that a huge financial crash is immanent."

"I would say there will probably be another ‘adjustment’. How big that will be is anyone’s guess. There is a little wrinkle I would like to throw into the mix here, though."

"There is, little as we may realize it, a testing of the ‘Principle of Sharing’ going on in the world as we speak, and specifically with regard to the EU," says Malvin. "We saw earlier that Gemini works with this principle and exemplifies it – first at a mental level in the realm of ideas and later in the nature of commercial interchange. That is one of the primary areas that Gemini most strongly influences with regard to humanity."

". . .Yes, there is trouble and people are unhappy, but there are also the seeds being sown of things that could be very good in the future," Malvin contends. "There is suffering in the interim, to be sure, but to throw out the baby with the bath water before we see how it pans out and make simple pronouncements that we see a huge crash coming is a bit premature, I think."

"Throughout the Western world and in many other parts of the world we are now in a period in which we are having to ‘trim the fat’ – to scale down what we will undoubtedly see in the future as our past unrealistic expectations," Malvin concludes.

So there is no doubt that it is vitally important for each and every one of us to open our eyes fully and see clearly what is going on in the world around us, for our own spiritual development, and so we can begin to be of service to humanity during this time of global emergency.

I hope this newsletter can contribute in some small way to that process of bringing to humanity's conscious attention the nature of the problem of wasting energy, and how this problem lies at the root of much of humanity's negative karma.

 It is quite challenging to keep one's eyes open, to remain focused on the big picture while still keeping track of the details, to diligently separate the misinformation from the truth, and to process the negative emotions that inevitably arise as one ponders the enormity of the current crisis of human civilization.

"The task of clarifying humanity's view of the world during this time of global crisis and accelerated spiritual advancement is vital, time-consuming, vast and generally under-appreciated, according to my spiritual guidance prior to this Full Moon.

"The task of witnessing has often in humanity's past been a tragic task. Think of the sorrows of Cassandra, who was gifted as a clairvoyant to foresee and foretell the fall of Troy, yet doomed to be tragically ignored by those in power.

"Yet we promise that you and all Lightworkers who work diligently to increase the light and to clarify the chaotic appearances of world events in this turbulent time will be guided in your daily round of activities with explicit care, so that you may be safe and secure, and able to be of service to those in need. Simply listen to inner spiritual guidance, and on no account rely upon the rational mind or the ego personality for leadership. Simply observe all negative emotions as they arise and do not under any circumstances identify with those emotions. If you could benefit from observing the karmic origins of those negative emotions, that information will be released to you as needed.

I take all this to mean that we will as Lightworkers be given what we need. This week of the Total Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius, let us all take a break to renew our connections to Spirit. Let us give ourselves a break as well. Listen to music, walk in nature, have a massage, and share good feelings with lovers, relatives and friends.

Our journey is long, and we have only just begun . . .

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs when the sun enters the zodiacal sign of Cancer, on June 21 at 1:16 pm EDT, 10:16 am PDT this year. It is one of the four solar holidays of ancient peoples and remains sacred to many people today. These four solar holidays are the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes. Together they delineate the great Cosmic Wheel of the four seasons.

In the northern hemisphere the Summer Solstice is the moment when the sun begins its metaphorical descent into the underworld and days again begin to grow shorter. St. John's Day, celebrated on June 24, birthdate of St. John the Baptist, is one of those Christian holy days which is synchronistic with the earlier, perhaps original (pagan) holy day of the Summer Solstice.

The Solstice is a moment of reversal. In previous seasons, Cosmic forces have been streaming into the Earth's aura and penetrating deeply into the biofields surrounding all living beings, quickening the flow of life force energy and strengthening the will forces within each of us, creating the templates for growth of plants, animals and humans alike.

Now the season of growth has taken hold, and the three living kingdoms begin to exhale as the Earth brings forth verdant growth, animals give birth and humans celebrate their sexuality with the traditional June wedding ceremonies amid peak displays of flowers and fields ripening with corn and grain.

Now is the time when the power of the individual to make conscious choices is at its maximum. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer is "On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one." The revolution has begun.

This is a pivotal moment in the annual cycle of seasons, a time to initiate dramatic changes in your world. Where in your world is a revolution needed

Resolve to be true to yourself and your personal beliefs. In truth is strength, and through strength, the world can be renewed.

Meditate upon the fact that you as an individual, in co-operation with other like-minded individuals, can work together to bring about a total transformation of the social vessel which currently carries you across the ocean of life. The first step is to join together, make the commitment to change, and raise the flag of peace, love and understanding. 

Today we recognize St. John's Day and the Festival of the Summer Solstice, as a time of flowering, when roses and jasmine and St. John's Wort express their Divinity through the sacred geometry of Light, Color and Form.

The earth breathes out. This is expressed in the Northern hemisphere as green fields and forests, colorful wild flowers, flowering trees and abundant herbs both wild and cultivated. The air is filled with the myriad pollens of trees, grasses and flowers. Green peas and strawberries bless our tables. Farmers harvest the first ripening crops, kitchen gardens offer their first tender green meals and the promise of harvests to come is tangible to all. Fruit orchards are heavy with the first small fruits ripening on limb and vine.

Archangel Uriel presides over this vast outpouring of Universal Life Force Energy. Within all the forms of nature, sentient and non-sentient beings in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms display their full potential and their true identity.

Kabbalistic scholars associate Archangel Uriel with the Sephiroth Malkuth, which represents material reality, the Universe we apprehend with our five senses. Malkuth is often associated with the Shekinah, the Glory of God and the divine Goddess present in the world.  Malkuth represents the descent of divine power into the material Universe, from which it ascends again to complete the cycle of manifestation and disintegration. This infusion of Universal Life Force Energy into the physical plane corresponds to the growth and maturity of all living things during the summer months of the yearly seasonal cycle.

Uriel is Angel of the North, and is Ruler of the Earth. Uriel is the Father of Alchemy, and his name means "Fire of God". His color is yellow, and his gems include the yellow sapphire, citrine, garnet or heliodor, all of which are associated with the third chakra, which is associated with the color yellow in the Western chakra system.

The Great Mother is the source of Fertility and the Fairy Godmother who grants us our individual and collective Dreams and Wishes for our loved ones, our families and communities and for our Mother Earth herself.

In the human community, maidens and young men begin to ripen into their sexuality, and the earth pours forth a fragrant, verdant perfume. Now is a time of rising sexual energies -- a time for Love in all its many forms. Now is the time for first discovery of the sexual impulse and for committed union with the Beloved.

At this time in the year, we also begin to express our spiritual and emotional energies in an outward flow. Our bodies are more expansive in the increasing warmth of summer's days and nights and the outward expressions of Nature. And our souls and hearts more easily find expression for thoughts and feelings of love.

It is a time traditionally for bonfires, for lovers trysts, for making wishes to fulfill love. When the Sun is in Cancer, the traditional time for weddings, betrothals and new expressions of love, the full moon is called the 'Mead Moon', (or honeymoon).

Summer Solstice is the time for the community to rejoice in the many gifts of the Great Mother, in her myriad manifestations of Female Power, Nurturer and Creatrix.

Now is the time to celebrate the heightened sense of energy all around, the success of the spring planting and the joy of new love. Now the entire community rejoices in the commitment to an abundant future expressed in new marriages, ripening corn and wheat in the field, tomatoes forming on the vine and the seasonal sharing of the first ruby red strawberries.

It is a time for gathering flowers to make medicines for winter. It is a traditional time to release worries, fears and old outmoded forms of thinking or behavior and to take on new ways of loving and living in the world.

Around this time of year in the Northeast, the first burst of flowers appear on Hypericum Perforatum, commonly called St. John's Wort. St. John's Wort is a magical plant whose yellow blossoms reflect the sun and has a long deserved reputation for healing depression. 

The oil infused from this plant turns a lovely ruby color when infused and is a wonderful oil to use for protection, for spiritual work and for healing the emotional body.

The word perforatum perhaps refers to the tiny perforations on the plant's leaves, which you can see when you hold them up to the light. Crush some leaves and/or the flowers, and you will see the red oils of hypericin, which has been shown by contemporary science to be an effective anti-depressant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal remedy. Studies have been performed in Germany showing effective immune modulation in subjects with HIV.

Certainly, using St. John's Wort as a tincture, or as an anointing oil on Midsummer's Day, St. John's Day or the Summer Solstice would be a wonderful addition to any ceremony held to invoke the many beneficial and protective energies available during this auspicious Celestial occasion.

Just as St John baptized Jesus Christ with water, we are baptized on the Summer Solstice with the Great Mother's gifts of elemental Fire and Water in the form of Universal Life Force energy and rising sap within the abundant plant life surrounding us. When we celebrate the Joy, the Love, and the Bounty of Creation, when we light fires to ritually activate protection for the year, or dance in celebration of this great Solar Feast Day, we are born anew.

We've got lots more in our new article Summer Solstice about the Mystery School Teachings of Rudolf Steiner regarding the Cosmic Cycles of life on Earth, and the special blessings of the Solstice Festival. There's also great insight into the role of the Great Goddess during this exuberant festival week! 

July 1 Cardinal Outer Planet Square

Enjoy the Solstice Week Festivals while you can, because soon thereafter the Cosmic Weather Forecast looks less than stellar.

The Sun makes a T-square to a difficult Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configuration. Saturn is in Libra, finally in direct motion for the first time in several months. Uranus is in Aries, directly opposed Saturn. Pluto is in Capricorn, square Uranus and Saturn.

When the Sun makes a T-square to that existing extremely tense configuration, we will see yet another astrological perfect storm, very similar to the one we discussed in last summer's article on The Grand Cardinal Cross of Summer 2010.

Similar dramatic epochal astrological aspects recur over the next decade, indicating a cultural inflection point, a signpost between eras, the end of one Age and the beginning of another.

The world is currently undergoing a crisis that transcends concerns about the end of the age of oil, or class-based political struggles over the proper configuration of rules and regulations in a capitalist economy.

The events described in this newsletter point to a much more fundamental transformation in human affairs that will be required if our civilization is to survive and thrive.

This twin financial and ecological crisis marks the end of the High Industrial Age of Hydrocarbons, brought about by uncontrolled greed and predation in financial markets and by the onset of peak oil production, which guarantees dwindling supplies of the fuels that support our current way of life.

More importantly, this crisis marks the beginning of the end of the culture of hierarchy and male domination that has existed for thousands of years, ever since the establishment of large-scale agriculture, priestly accounting castes, giant-sized grain storage bins, and a predatory, hereditary class of "nobles" in civilizations around the world, from Mesopotamia to Egypt to Europe to Asia.

The great monotheistic religions of the world, which represent the patriarchal model of spiritual aspiration, have declared war on one another. 

The great Powers of the world, America, China, and the rest, are positioning themselves to obtain a lion's share of dwindling global hydrocarbon fuels, by peaceful means or by use of military might if necessary.

It is clear to thoughtful observers that the Gulf Oil Spill, global warming, resource wars in the Middle East, and the unbridled greed and predation inflicted upon the world by financial elites represent the ultimate result of a human civilization based upon the domination of society by predatory financial, political and religious elites.

We are slowly destroying the Earth's ability to sustain human life as we know it today. We are impoverishing billions of innocent human beings and concentrating unprecedented wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer predators.

The antidote to all these global problems is to learn the lessons of Saturn in Libra. Saturn will be in Libra from July 7, 2010 until October 5, 2012. During that time the United States will experience its Saturn Return, which historically has been a challenging time for the country.

Libra wisdom is the wisdom of right relationships.

As we have seen in this newsletter, the vast majority of the energy wasted on planet Earth results from imbalanced energy exchanges in relationships of all kinds.

In sexual relationships, the imbalance between male and female has created a war between the sexes that undermines the entire structure of the family in every culture in the world, in one way or another.

In money relationships, the imbalance between rich and poor has created a war between the classes that has existed in every culture everywhere in the world throughout history.

In political relationships, the imbalance between the political elites and the governed has resulted in a never-ending series of wars that benefit the elites and cause untold suffering among the vast majority.

Yes, when we ponder deeply we can see that imbalanced relationships result in massive energy leaks which create tremendous problems for individuals and for humanity as a species.

This is the dynamic which has led to the recurrent rise and fall of civilizations around the world. Social imbalances lead to imbalances in ecology which lead to social disruption which lead to warfare which increases demands on the ecology of the place, which leads to further warfare.

Eventually, social relations disintegrate, ecologies are degraded, economies are looted, and civilizations collapse.

Imbalanced relationships must be equilibrated. That is the Iron Law of Karma. And it is the task of Saturn in Libra to oversee that equilibration.

Saturn is said to be "exalted" in Libra, because the constraining influence of Saturn, known as the Cosmic Taskmaster, is relaxed somewhat in the sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus, Mistress of Love and Beauty.

Saturn in Libra emphasizes lessons concerning the Libra values of co-operation, equity, fair play and compassion. 

Saturn in Libra provides us with a framework for optimization of relationships. In other words when Saturn is in this Venus-ruled sign of Libra, Saturn, the planet of Karma and hard lessons is focused on the perfection of relationships. We are presented with circumstances that force us to work co-operatively with others to solve seemingly intractable problems.

The more co-operation the better our Saturn experience will be.

On an individual level, and on a global scale, the current global crises, reflected in the stars by last year's Grand Cardinal Cross of 2010, and the upcoming Outer Planet Cross of Summer 2011, challenge us to transcend our conflicts with others and to find ways to work together for our mutual benefit and for the overall good of humanity.

The problems of peak oil, resource wars, religious wars, and overly hierarchical societies governed by predatory elites can only be solved by an unprecedented level of co-operation on the individual, family, neighborhood, local, national and global scale.

The great challenge for all of us is to overcome our differences and work together to solve the problems that are common to all humanity.

That's a really tough assignment from the Cosmic Taskmaster, Saturn!

My spiritual Guides tell me that the more we can co-operate with one another to find innovative, equitable solutions to our common problems that will benefit everyone involved, the better the outcome will be for all humanity.

New Articles at Satya Center

First some good news from Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, one of the scientists who is in the forefront of holistic quantum biology, and one of the world's most esteemed activists working to stop the spread of genetically modified food production, and promote sustainable small-scale organic farm practices.

In her new article entitled "Cold Fusion Ready for Commerical Production?", Dr. Ho brings us up to date on the latest breakthroughs in clean energy technology for a New Age.

"There is no question that cold fusion could replace coal and other fossil fuels, and is an infinitely better alternative to nuclear power; it is inherently much safer, affordable, and sustainable," argues Dr. Ho. "Furthermore, it could be exploited for decommissioning nuclear reactors and cleaning up spent nuclear fuels to make them safe."

". . .The biggest hurdle to exploiting cold fusion is to get the reaction(s) under control and producing energy reliably and safely, i.e., to get a steady rate of heat production once the reactor is turned on, without overheating suddenly and blowing up, and to be able to turn off when not required," Dr. Ho explains.

"Italian inventor Andrea Rossi claims to have done just that," Dr. Ho reports. "His table top device, Energy Catalyzer, is ready for commercial production, and he says, cold fusion will be producing energy by the end of 2011. The first units will be used to build a 1 MW plant in Greece to power a factory that will produce 300 000 ten-kilowatt units of the cold fusion device a year. This would be the world’s first commercially-ready cold fusion device. Licensees and contracts already exist for USA and Europe. Mass production should escalate in 2-3 years."

To further clarify the roots of the financial meltdown, read the article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Undersecretary of the Treasury for Ronald Reagan, entitled "How Offshoring Has Destroyed the US Economy".

The news media are nearly unanimous in declaring that the dollar is in danger because of the federal debt. Dr. Roberts believes a more important cause is lack of jobs, brought about by offshoring.

"Among the serious consequences of offshoring are the dismantling of the ladders of upward mobility that made the US an 'opportunity society,' an extraordinary worsening of the income distribution, and large trade and federal budget deficits that cannot be closed by normal means. These deficits now threaten the US dollar’s role as world reserve currency," Dr. Roberts explains.

Joie Power, Ph.D. provides a brief, focused, fun history of aromatherapy in her article, "The Ancient Roots of Fragrant Medicine".

"The majority of the world's population still largely depends on traditional medicines based on medicinal and aromatic plants and for many people in developing countries herbal medicines are still the only medicines that are available," says Joie. "In many cases, herbs are used today in the same ways that they were hundreds and even thousands of years ago."

James Bertolino's new poem, Emerging Islands, explores the intersection of intent and meaning, and asks whether we can ever know the full, true significance of our own utterances.

As always, we wish you health, happiness, peace of mind, strength of will, and inerring spiritual guidance! Happy Solstice!

Jane and Curtis

Meditation Moment

Do not worry if our harp breaks, thousands more will appear.
We have fallen in the arms of love where all is music.
If all the harps in the world were burned down,
still inside the heart there will be hidden music playing.

Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die
we have the spark that starts the fire.
The songs we sing are like foam on the surface of the sea of being
while the precious gems lie deep beneath.
But the tenderness in our songs
is a reflection of what is hidden in the depths.

Stop the flow of your words,
open the window of your heart and
let the spirit speak.
- Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi