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Our Blog: Jane's Garden Report

Jane's Lammas 2012 Garden Report- We Honor Our Mother and Her Harvest

By Jane Sherry on Aug 1, 2012

Mother, today we celebrate the unity of the human family. Mother, we ask your forgiveness, for our destructive ways. Mother,we seek today to learn to forgive one another. Help us, Mother, to learn to love you as the old ones loved you, so that we may heal ourselves and our environment.

Category: Jane's Garden Report
Tags: cross-quarter-days, environmental crisis/solutions, foods for healing, great goddess, organic farming/gardening, pagan, wicca

The Quickening of the Year

By Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang on Feb 3, 2009

Candlemas is one of my favorite times of year, the time when in the depths of winter, I can dream of spring again, when the days wax in light & the birds return to our yard looking for food. Candlemas is the promise of the quickening not only of the seasonal year, but also the promise of desires' fulfillment.

Category: Jane's Garden Report
Tags: candlemas, cross-quarter-days, great goddess, wicca

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