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Our Blog: Jane's Garden Report

Jane's Winter Garden Report 2006

By Jane Sherry & Curtis Lang on Dec 1, 2006

There is a tremendously powerful acquisitive and materialistic collective thought-form hovering in the ethers around us, and part of our joy and inner work as bringers of Light into this world is to counter that thought-form with compassion, opening our hearts and giving freely to those around us in need of uplifting.

Category: Jane's Garden Report
Tags: christmas, geopolitics, global news, great goddess

Memorial to All We Lost on 9-11-2001

By Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang on Jan 1, 2002

In 1975 I lived in the financial district, two blocks from Wall Street near Trinity Church in an office building with a bathroom down the hall & a shower upstairs 6 flights. A group of artists moved into this commercial building with the landlord's blessing as long as we didn’t ask him for anything other than the right to live in what was a commercially zoned building, where we could watch the Twin Towers being built from our roof.

Category: Jane's Garden Report
Tags: crisis of human civilization, geopolitics, global news

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