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Test of Discernment: Winter Solstice, Gemini Full Moon, Sagittarius Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Nov 29, 2017

With Sun, Moon and Neptune in a conflicted Mutable T-Square configuration in the heavens, this Full Moon will see a lot of mental activity (Gemini), a surplus of righteous striving (Sagittarius) and a double helping of astral glamours, propaganda wars and emotional and mental confusion (Neptune in Pisces).

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: anthroposophy, archangel gabriel, archangels, ascension practices, cross-quarter-days, environmental crisis/solutions, global financial crisis, global news, Higher Self, Higher Purpose, Higher Mind, tarot/kabbalah, US politics, winter solstice


By Curtis Lang on Feb 4, 2005

Apophyllite is an aid to meditation and helps make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. This stone stimulates the third-eye, but primarily acts on the crown chakra facilitating "tuning in" in accordance with ones consciousness and intention. Apophyllite is a wonderful gazing stone that facilitates clairvoyance or spiritual seeing.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: archangel michael, archangels, chakra system, crystals and precious gems, energy medicine, meditation

Michael Quartz

By Curtis Lang on Apr 6, 2004

Learn about the qualities iron oxide imparts in clear quartz & its connection to the Angelic Divine.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: archangel michael, archangels, ascension crystals and gemstones, crystals, navratri, ramadan

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