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Our Library: Food

Farming in the Age of Expensive Oil

By Jean Paul Courtens on Sep 7, 2008

In this country farmers have to be over 80 years old to remember low-input, diversified farming systems. An organic farmer aks: who will have the knowledge to grow our food in the age of expensive oil, with no fertilizers and pesticides?

Category: Food
Tags: crisis of human civilization, environmental crisis/solutions, organic farming/gardening

Our Collapsing Food System -- And How to Fix It

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Feb 24, 2006

The global agricultural-industrial complex is destroying the environment, exploiting farmers around the world, and delivering low-quality, high-cost food to unwary consumers. But a host of alternatives are springing up to provide nutritious food from sustainable farm communities.

Category: Food
Tags: biodynamic farming and gardening, environmental crisis/solutions, foods for healing, global news, US politics

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