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Our Library: Global News

A Maypole in Prison -- Starhawk Defends Pagans' Right to Worship

By Starhawk on Aug 11, 2011

There are a surprising number of Pagans in prison—something like 20,000 in the U.S. Most of them become Pagan while they’re incarcerated. While the numbers of Christians are higher, the Pagans have some of the highest numbers of active, participating members of any religious group—and are among the least served, with no paid chaplains and endless barriers for volunteers.

Category: Global News
Tags: pagan, wicca, wise woman ways

Meltdown Strategies: Financial Disaster and Climate Change

By Starhawk on Jun 23, 2009

The environment is not an afterthought: it’s the ground of economy, security and survival. Environmental protection, environmental justice and regeneration must be our top priorities, because they are the only sound foundation for every other endeavor.

Category: Global News
Tags: crisis of human civilization, environmental crisis/solutions, global financial crisis, pagan, wicca, wise woman ways

Witches Abhor Torture

By Starhawk on Jun 12, 2009

Witches abhor torture. We still remember the Burning Times, the campaign of torture and persecution carried out throughout Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries against anyone accused of Witchcraft or heresy.

Category: Global News
Tags: geopolitics, great goddess, wicca, wise woman ways

Toward an Activist Sprituality

By Starhawk on Sep 21, 2003

The integration of magic and activism sometimes means bringing magic into an action -- doing a spiral dance in the midst of the tear gas of Quebec City, or in Grand Central station surrounded by riot cops. It might mean starting our strategic planning with a trance or a Tarot reading, or invoking Water as we work against the privatization of water resources.

Category: Global News
Tags: pagan, people power, US politics, wicca, wise woman ways

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