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Our Library: Health & Healing

Saturn Teachings: Spiritual and Environmental Lessons of the Asian Tsunami

By Curtis Lang on Jan 5, 2005

There are many lessons to be learned from this world-altering disaster. We must first absorb the spiritual lessons of the Tsunami Event in order to properly understand the socio-political and environmental lessons to be learned.

Category: Health & Healing
Tags: ascended masters, divine love, environmental crisis/solutions, Higher Self, Higher Purpose, Higher Mind, love/compassion, reiki

Reiki and the Zero-Point Field

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on May 10, 2003

The Source of Reiki energy originates in what some modern scientists describe as The Zero Point Field – a field of low-level energy that fills the seeming empty vastness of deep space.

Category: Health & Healing
Tags: divine love, energy medicine, love/compassion, new science, prana, chi, or Universal Life Force energy, reiki, unity consciousness, universal organism

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